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Our Story

It all started in 2016 as a solution to increase efficiency of service contracts for vacuum pumps within the nano-tech industry with IoT and Machine Learning.

The system then scaled and was adapted for multi-industry use, with interface towards industry leading standards.

Who We Are
Our Vision

By building this system we became experts in cloud solutions, so we started to build and maintain solutions directly integrated in our customers existing systems.

Our core competence lays within identify, build and scale out new digital businesses and services for our customers. We are an accredited partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and building scalable, secure, robust and 

Companies that collect and capitalize on data will remain relevant in the future! 


We want to help our customers accelerate and be at the forefront when it comes to digital services.

We do this by listening on our customers core business competence and capture that in the new digital service delivered.

About Us





Manage your BigData with a scaleable data structure. Store the data in a secure manner, combine different databases for a cost efficient and high performance solution.


With this in place you can start feeding the data in to Deep/Machine Learning models and generate business value out of your BigData!

Cloud Solutions 

We have developed many cost-efficient solutions for our customers to scale with. Using a serverless approach we can ensure that you only pay for the needs you have, and automatically scale out when your business grow!

What We Offer


With hands-on experience we have faced and resolved the challenges a global scale up which IoT induce.


One large complexity aspect lays with being able to scale up an IoT platform without compromising on the quality and security.

Machine Learning

You have the data, now what? Let us turn it in to actionable value by training a machine learning model on it. Finding anomalies? Forecasting time-series data? Classification? We can generate a user friendly interface to train and invoke ML models.


What would a great BackEnd be if you don't support it with a beautiful and interactive FrontEnd? We develop both the design and implementation for a FrontEnd solution.


Deep Industry Knowledge

We evolved from the industry as we noticed the need for stepping up the game to accelerate Industry 4.0 adaptation. This gives us a fundamental core to understand the use-cases and providing our customers with the proper tools to future-proofing their business.

Years of Experience

Having done this for many years across many different projects we have faced and overcome the most challenges. Let us save you both time, cost and headache to support you in your Digital Transformation journey.

End-to-end responsibility

We provide end-to-end projects within Cloud and IoT where we take full responsibility for end-to-end deliveries from Requirements understanding, Project Management, Resource Allocation and continuous DevOps maintenance.

Why Us



Swaut Automation AB

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114 11 Stockholm, Sweden

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